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Intel Threrading

12 Dec 2006

I was getting my daily fill of Slashdot</a> when a typo in an ad caught my eye. This rant is about that typo. Read on if you dare...

The ad in question is a flash advertisement for Intel's line of software development tools</a>. Mainly those which aid in the creation of multi-threaded applications. Which are only helpful to those with multiple cores and/or processors. The part with the typo is displayed in the image below.

Intel's latest development, Multi-Threrading! An illustration of an Intel advertisement with a typo in it.

I find this absolutely hilarious because more and more I notice that there are people who work with computers every day of their lives and depend on them so much that they'd be unable to make any money without them. Yet many such people don't know a thing about them other than how to use certain applications. Many years ago you had to really know what you were doing to be able to call your "work" computers. Nowadays just about anyone can call them their business.

Personally I wouldn't have even seen that ad unless it had the typo in it. So maybe they were actually using their heads. That is a smart tactic. Clientele who know their trade would spot that typo with their heads buried in a C# book or Java Manual. So this could be what the advertisement creator was thinking. Though if I were an Intel exec. in charge of this advertisement I would have been just a bit wary of trying such tactics in such a wide-reaching ad.

Perhaps what I've done is actually illustrated their "unconventional" marketing tactics. I'm just sad that I can't use that tactic. The kind of clientele I look for are those who can't program web sites. Or maybe they can't program their VCR</abbr>s. Either way I felt the need to rant about it for some reason. Hopefully you have enjoyed following my 4:30am thought process.

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