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Blood Money for Microsoft

13 Feb 2007

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has stated recently that he believes that every Linux user could owe Microsoft money for using intellectual property of Microsoft.

Kevin Harriss</a> recently found a blog that suggested everyone who uses Linux send Mr. Ballmer some Monopoly money. I think it is a fantastic idea. Maybe we will finally get through to some of the crazy people that are in upper management at Microsoft.

Lets face it, there are some huge issues with Microsoft as it is now. It is my personal belief that Microsoft should change its structure to be more bottom up. Microsoft needs something similar to the "comment box" that many companies have but don't ever read. Then maybe we will see some actual developments coming from Redmond.

Visit the blog entry</a> for the address to which you can mail the Monopoly money as well as the .pdfs for each individual bill.

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