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No Time for Games

07 Aug 2008

For quite some time I have been thinking about how I don't play games anymore. I often drift back to my 10 day trial period of World of Warcraft®. I really do want to play it. I know I would enjoy it. Unfortunately for my inner gamer, I am a family man now. I have a wife and two children and they need me to be there for them. I could totally lose myself for an entire weekend playing WoW®. I'm wondering how Diablo® III might affect me.

I can't afford to spend too much time away from my work and my family. Within the past few years the only games I have allowed myself to play are short and quick flash games. Recently my friend Kevin purchased a Chicago Gaming Company arcarde system that features many Atari titles as well as many Taito titles. I have been playing many of the classic Atari® games on it. Many of which for the first time. I find I enjoy the ability to start and stop easily and without losing anything. My favorite is Skydiver. I've gotten a high score of 4900! ;P Yeah, I know it is somewhat weak.

World of Warcraft®, WoW®, and Diablo®, are registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment. Atari® is a registered trademark of Atari Inc.</em>

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