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Best Buy's New Slogan - The State of Things

03 Sep 2008

Today as I was watching Fox News during my lunch break, I saw the new Best Buy commercial. I was unable to hear it due to the noise in the cafeteria. But the imagery speaks for itself.

The commercial features a family that is standing in their home stating at an unpowered flat screen HDTV. It flips between this image and the image of the family at the store speaking with a sales associate. This pattern continues with the awkwardness of the family staring at a blank screen coming to a head and finally, they are seated. Viewing a powered HDTV, lagging and smiling.

Then, the commercial cuts to an image advertising no financing or no payments or something. Either way it is some credit "deal". Then it cuts to the company's logo with the words "You, Happier" beneath it.

Those two words are single most depressing words I have read in a while. The idea that a new HDTV (that you'll pay for twice, with interest) will make you happy is absolutely disgusting. I fear for our future as Americans. The state of things in this country makes me sick. We need some change.

Whether the face of that change is white, black, feminine, or masculine - that I don't know. But I hope that whatever it is - that it is the right kind of change. Moral, economic, accessability, and accountability are the kinds of change I want to see in Washington.

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