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My Custom Demandware UX Studio Icon for OSX

04 Oct 2011

I am so super impressed with Demandware at this point. I haven't seen much but I like how everything fits together. The only thing that didn't fit - on my Mac at least - was the icon for the IDE. (A plugin library on top of Eclipse) So I remedied that situation:

Demandware Logo Inspired Icon for Demandware UX Studio

My Demandware logo inspired icon for Demandware UX Studio

Now to set the app's icon in the two places that matter. Place the .icns file here:

And edit this file:
Find the key 'CFBundleIconFile' and set the value between '<string></string>' to 'dw_logo.icns'. Save the file. This will set the .App's icon to that icon file. Now we need to instruct Demandware UX Studio (the executable) to do the same.

In the file:


Note: At the time of writing this the current version was however it is now 12.1.0—as of 2/1/2012—so adjust the fore-mentioned path to whatever version you have installed.

Find the key: 'windowImages' and set it's value to:


Save the file. Now you've set the executable's icon as well. You may notice a slight change in color as the executable changes the icon on the Dock when it is active. It's pretty discreet but still a slight difference.

Sit back and enjoy the classy brushed aluminum look in your ⌘+Tab menu and in the Dock.

Screen capture of Icon in the OSX Dock

As you can see it looks great on the Dock.

Download it here.

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